Bryttney transformed everything from product narratives to new feature briefs and competitive intelligence to persona information into campaigns that resonated with our key audiences AKA every product marketer’s dream when working with demand gen.
Her work was invaluable, and her attitude made collaborating something I looked forward to. She’s smart, thoughtful, and has an infectious energy. I would always want Bryttney on my team.
Alex Virden
Product Marketing Leader
Where to even start?! Bryttney is an absolute joy to work with. She leads with grace, respect, and poise. Outside of that (which is a winner on its own), this girl gets marketing. From start to finish, Bryttney gets the whole picture. Want to connect the hardest systems? Check. Want a creative campaign from top to bottom? Check. Want teams to be inspired and running with a clear vision? Check. If you get the chance to add Bryttney to your team, do it. I mean it, DO IT!
Caleb Jobe
Fractional CMO
Bryttney is an amazing demand gen marketer with a massive amount of experience in B2B digital. And she doesn’t just do the same ol’ thing everyone else is doing – she makes sure that the brand stands out differently from the competition and engages prospects in a way that is inspiring and helpful, not annoying like so many other B2B companies. And it’s not just paid ads that she’s good at – it’s true demand gen across paid, organic, website, etc. And on top of all that, she’s just super fun to be around and brings a smile to everyone’s face who she works with!
Jason Widup
Fractional CMO
Bryttney is an absolute star! She has constantly proven herself as a thoughtful, strategic and passionate demand gen leader. She is constantly evaluating numbers and processes, figuring out where to make changes and implementing those quickly so she can be most successful and provide more opportunities for the org.
When you think of a demand gen leader- Bryttney is the only thing that comes up. She is kind, communicative, and willing to go above and beyond for every member in the org. She will always make time for you and make sure that plans are made during every interaction. She’s one of the most genuine leaders I’ve been fortunate enough to work for. Not only is she incredibly approachable, but she also listens well. She takes your input and ideas and works with you to turn them into realities. She is a cross-functional pro, always working to get the right teams involved at the right time- which is a tough skill to master. I would work with Bryttney and time and time again- and anyone who is lucky enough to work with her knows they would as well.
Katie Ray
B2B Community Leader
Nowadays, Marketers are being asked to do more with less and be experts in marketing and revenue operations. This is where Bryttney comes in, as she is the definition of a next-gen marketer, meaning a person who can handle the orchestration of several platforms and systems to drive revenue and pipeline. In working with her, I saw her methodical approach to planning marketing campaigns with a keen understanding of testing to find the perfect formula that spoke to the hearts and minds of prospects. Quarter over quarter Bryttney worked furiously to drive more qualified meetings, marketing-sourced pipeline, and scale a world-class demand generation program. I cannot recommend her more because she will be a catalyst for the growth of any company.
Francisco Oller Garcia
Chief Revenue Officer
If you get the opportunity to meet Bryttney you’ll immediately be consumed by her passion and energy for marketing. One of the most passionate and driven marketers I’ve had the chance to work with, Bryttney is a “marketing powerhouse” when it comes to demand generation. Someone who truly knows her stuff, she’s data-driven and is comfortable in strategically identifying the appropriate levers that will drive the most qualified leads for your sales team….and revenue for your organization. Financially savvy, she’s also quite impressive when it comes to managing resources to get maximum efficiency. If you ever need a job to get done, she’s the person to call.
Jennifer Hopkins
SVP of Marketing
Bryttney is the ultimate spark plug for any marketing or revenue organization. Her ability to join a new organization, access opportunity, create a game plan for growth and lead the changes that are needed is second to none. But she’s not just a huge asset to a team from a metric standpoint. Bryttney adds an enormous amount of positivity and joy to any company culture that she joins and brings out the best in each and every one of her colleagues. Count me in as one of her biggest fans.
Britton Clark
Chief Revenue Officer
Bryttney has been (hands down) my most influential leader to date. The knowledge, skillset, determination, and personality she brings to every company task, and day are unmatched. Her knack for aligning sales, product, and marketing is top tier. Whether it’s automations, cold outreach techniques, funnel optimizations, you name it – she’s already mastered it. You’ll truly be the luckiest team in the world should you have the opportunity to work with Bryttney.
Ayanna Gant
Integrated Marketing Manager
Bryttney truly is a breath of fresh air to work with.
She is able to drive measurable results across the entire marketing and sales funnel with activities that drive qualified demand and produce
revenue. Not only that, but she has a proven record of leading teams of marketers, developers, and agencies.
Any B2B SaaS company would be lucky to have her lead their marketing/demand generation team.
Jordan Ayres
CEO Triangulate Digital
Bryttney knew our funnel inside and out at Metadata. She was the go-to person on our marketing team that helped us hit (and frequently exceed) our pipeline targets every quarter. She’s super organized and always stayed on top of things. She’s a huge asset for any B2B marketing team in need of setting up a demand gen engine.
Mark Huber
Head of Brand & Product Marketing
I’ve always said that if I could harness just 10% of the energy and positivity that Bryttney brings to the office every day, I’d be the second most positive person in the office. Her energy and enthusiasm can immediately light up a room and she adds excitement to any meeting, presentation or interaction. If given a goal, Bryttney will undoubtingly find a way to hit and exceed it.
David Thomson
CRO | 2x exists as CRO